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Birthday Poems | Funny Birthday Poems

Birthdays are very special in every one life why because It is special day in their life and also it comes yearly once, So every one have plan to celebrate their Occasion. In this busy life wish with special Birthday Wishes or else wish with Birthday Poems or Funny Birthday Poems is something different right.

So, In this blog we are providing  Funny Birthday Poems for all age grouped persons those who are searching for Birthday Poems it is right landing page for Birthday Poems and Funny Birthday Poems, We can share this birthday poems through social media also like face book, whats app and google plus, twitter etc, So it is time to wish your lovable one pick one of the best Funny Birthday Poem and Singh that Birthday Poem in front your lovable one and see happiness on their face.

Funny Birthday Poems:

It is your Birthday
And I just wanted to know
How hard I tried to make it
Funny Birthday Poems
When I tried to put
That many candles
On your birthday cake...

Happy birthday to you!

You live like a rock star,
Singing songs forever sung,
You move like Mick Jagger,
But sound like William Hung.

Me and you are friends
You fight I fight......
You hurt I hurt
You Cry I Cry
You Jump of bridge
I'm Gonna miss your Dumb Ass...!

A Birthday
Is a fine fine  thing
to savour
like wine
or caviar
though personally
I think that stuff
is way way too salty
but enough about me

Birthday Return
birthday return
like swallows
to Capistrano
spawning salmon
to their stream
or podiatrists
to akron
for this year's footfest

Belated Birthday Wishes
I would move
the sun and moon
and turn back
the clock for you
but violating
the laws of like overkill
so here's your card

You deserve
a party
with all the trimmings
cake and plates and cndles
and those hats
with the rubber band strap thing
which almost always

When Birthday comes,
we make a trade:
Smooth skin for greater knowledge.
And then we swap
our teeth and hair
when adding to our mileage.
But there is
ONE thing is never lose
as the years roll off the truck
And that's how
much we dearly love...

Birthday Noir
the rain finally quit
I lit up and drew deep
starting at the reflection
of a yellow street lamp
like a midnight sun
on the slick pavement
and realized once again
that I forgot your Birthday

Birthday Reality
In the harsh light of reality
we're not as young
as we feel
or as good-looking
as we hope
which explains why
the harsh light of reality
is so unpopular

Happy Birthday to a Dear Friend
You'll be special to me until the end
celebrate today and know this is true
my life has been blessed, because of U

Be yourself
Invite new challenges
Recall past triumphs
Trust your instincts
Have faith in your abilities
Desire only the best
Affirm yours strengths
You're got what it takes