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Birthday Wishes are always special in every one life, lets show your unconditional love with these Birthday Poems to your beloved one, So here in this blog i'm providing Birthday Poems for Friends, Daughter Birthday Poems, Birthday Poems for Sister, Birthday Poems for Dad, Birthday Poems for Mom, Birthday Poems for Boyfriend. With reference to these Birthday Poems, bring happiness and makes smile on their faces.

So still what you are searching for ??

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Birthday Poems for Friends:
Birthday Poems
Dear Friend 
Happy Birthday
Your Birthday is 
the perfect time
to wish u nothing less
than favorite memories
plans and dreams 
that bring you happiness

A Special Wish for My Buddy
Happy Birthday to my dear friend
With u I Just Don'n need to pretend,
You what is on my mind,
You are so genuine and kind,
I'm so lucky; I have you as my friend,
Happy Birthday dear friend

Do what makes you happy
Be with who
Makes you smile
Laugh as much
As you Breathe
Love As long as 
You live...!

Happy Birthday to Dear friend
You will be the special to until the end
Celebrate today and know this is true
My life has been blessed, because of you

I wish You the
best birthday ever, 
one that's so
fantastic that
it lives in your heart
And I want you
to know
that wherever
you go,
I'm always 
wishing the best 
for u

Happy Birthday to my very best friend
Your special day has come by again.
We had so much fun last time around,
A younger sister was someone i found.

Happy Birthday
gold diamond and platinum sings
all these jewels don't mean a thing
you presence glows everything
and adds happiness with meaning
you mean so much to everyone of us,
sending you all the best with love,
many many happy returns of the day..

A wish for lots of birthday fun
To last until the day is done.
Hoping that all your wishes comes true,
and your birthday cake is as sweet as you!

My soul was lost,
The time I entered the widest coast.
My heart was drowned,
The time I swam the deepest ground....

Today must be your birthday because the sun is shinning bright 
The clouds that are usually hiding it are now nowhere in sight
The birds are singing joyfully as they go happily on their way
It's as if Mother Nature herself knew this was a very special day...

Daughter Birthday Poems:

Happy Birthday 
Darling Daughter
Here's wish for happiness
And many dreams come true
Not only on your special day
But always , all life through

Birthday message for daughter
Every year passes by swiftly
And my love for you keeps growing 
quickly. My love you are with
a graceful face and I look
at you and my whole word losses
its pace my daughter
remember that life is beautiful
journey and relish every day
just like its your birthday

Today is the birthday of my family's star
Yet another day to show you how special you are.
Smile and happiness drives troubles away,
And your smile has the power to fade everything grey.
We celebrate not just your birthday 
But all those moments that made our life special in every way

Birthday Greetings to Daughter
I always thank god for his blessings
And the best of all  I  don't have
to keep you guessing
For it is you my love
My life and my heart
you entered my life like a piercing dart
There is only joy
and pride left in me,
And on every birthday and every day,
only the best u will see

I hope you can see
How much i look up to u
I wish i can be
The person you want to me to
I wish that i can
Stand out from the crowd
I hope that one day
I can make feel proud...

Birthday Poems for Sister

We may be sisters by birth

But we are friends by heart

We may be family by default

But we have been bffs from the start

We may be siblings, without choice

But we chose to be much more

Wish you a happy birthday sis

I love you from the core

  Dear sister…

It is hard to say how much I love you

You might not believe it especially since I fight with you

But no matter how much we quarrel, I still adore you

Even when we don’t speak to each other, I like you

For a lot of good things in my life

I am grateful to you

I hope one day you can see through into my heart

And realize how much I am fond of you

Happy birthday

Dear sister…

A like on Facebook

A tweet on Twitter

A pin on Pinterest

A share on Flickr

A sweet greeting card

A cute note

A funny speech

A heartfelt quote

All this and a lot more

Is what I will do

To wish a very

Happy birthday to you

A sister’s love

Is very funny

Sometimes it is

Sweet as honey

Sometimes it is

Bitter and sour

But it always has

A lot of power

Happy birthday

On your birthday, I want to say this

That you are reason my life is full of bliss

About you, I would never dis

On your birthday, I want to give you a hug and a kiss

And thank you for being more than just a sis

Happy birthday

Together, we share a room

Together, we let gossip bloom

Together, we look at the stars in the sky

Together, we laugh and cry

Together, we study and play

Together, let’s celebrate your birthday

You are my sunshine

You are my shadow

You know whenever

I am in sorrow

You are my star

You are my rainbow

I will never stop loving you

Not today, never tomorrow

Happy birthday sis

A piece of my heart

A part of my family

A portion of my life

A slice of me

You have always been sis

And you will always be

I wish you a happy birthday

I love you sweetie

You have always been

My inspiration

Don’t ever stop giving me

A daily dose of motivation

I fall flat on my face

When I try to be like you

Maybe I should realize

Cool cats like you are few

Happy birthday sis

Birthday Poems for Dad:

Happy Birthday 
Dear father
Dear father 
you are funny your kind and you are smart
Its is no wonder
that the love i send
has come straight 
from my heart

A poem about my dad...!
I drive you nuts
I've turned you grey
I've made you proud
I've spent your pay
I've stressed you out,
I've hurt your bad
I've made u laugh
I've sent you mad
I've made you smile
I've made you sob...

For Dad 
Dear dad, its your birthday,
And i want u to know
I appreciate you more
As the years come and go
All your good qualities
Stand out and shine
Fathers are priceless
And i'm so glad you are mine....!

 To thank you for

Always being there

All these years, when I

Was heading nowhere

I better leave

My feelings unspoken

I’ll silently give you

This poem, a heartfelt token

I’m speechless, not because

I’ve nothing to say

But because I know, what you

Sacrificed, day after day

Happy birthday dad


You’ve overlooked

My mistakes, day after day

To you, I know

I have much to repay

To such a father

So lovable and dear

I wish an awesome life

Year after year

Happy birthday

 Be brave and be honest

Be true and be bold

To me as a child

This is what you always told

Everything you said

I’m glad I listened to

I feel thankful for having

A dad like you

The only person with whom I share

My deepest worries and my cares

Is turning a year older today

On this occasion there’s a lot I want to say

You are the best dad in this world

Without you I would wither and curl

With a dad like you around me

Life is perfect and happy

As you blow the candles and I clap away

I hope that you have an awesome birthday

I’m going to gather a crowd

Today is my daddy’s birthday

Is what I’m shouting out aloud

Lots of pins, tons of shares

Tens of posts, many a tweets

All this and a lot more

For a dad who is just too sweet

Happy birthday

 You are the fire in my eyes

The balm of my cries

The solace of my being

The one who gives me that cozy feeling

The warmth of my smile

Always inspiring my style

To such a wonderful dad today

I wish a happy birthday


Your footsteps in life

I hope to trail

Without you, everything would

Have been dull and pale

With you always watching over

I’m never afraid to fail

Life is beautiful and awesome

Just like a fairy tale

Happy birthday

 There is a person

Who means a lot me

My life without whom

I simply cannot see

There is someone special

Who I would truly call great

Whose return from work

I would as a child, await

Dad, that person

Has been you, all the way

Thank you for being an inspiration

Day after day

Happy birthday

Sweet poem for dad from son daughter respect and love


I hope you can see

How much I look up to you

I wish I can be

The person you want me to

I wish that I can

Stand out from the crowd

I hope that one day

I can make you feel proud

Happy birthday

 You may have crossed fifty

But mum says you are still nifty

You may have aged a bit

But young, is your spirit

You may have become weaker

But in your mind, you are stronger

Here’s a birthday wish for a dad

Who by heart, is still a teenage lad


Throughout my childhood, I know

I have been a bit of a brat

With you, I have had

Way too many spats

I shouldn’t have argued and screamed

Instead, I should have tried

To live up to everything you dreamed

But today, I want to put all that behind

Between us, I want to nurture a new bond

So, from all the murky quarrels

We can take our relationship beyond

Happy birthday


I may be

The twinkle in your eyes

But you are the one

Who’s made me so wise

I may have grown up

Into someone who made you proud

But you have made me what I am

Is what I want to shout out aloud

Happy birthday

Dad you are my hero cute poem for father from son daughter


I might not have been

The most expressive kid around

But trust me, my love

For you, is profound

I may not have hugged you

Every single day

But I adore you in

Every possible way

I might have been aloof

And seemed uninterested at times

But I hope to clear the air

With this cute little rhyme

I’m glad you are the man

I can proudly call daddy

You have always been

My hero, and always will be

Happy birthday

 A birthday gift for a dad as cool as you

Is a gift that hasn’t been made yet

Simply because there is nothing in the world

That can be worthy of a man, so perfect

No matter what I buy, it will never be enough

Because you have made every day of my life

Seem like a gift, wrapped in the best possible way

You are the best, dad to me and hubby to your wife

Happy birthday


Benevolent and compassionate

Honest, true and pure

With your advice and support

In life, I am always sure

Every step of the way, you’ve

Always taught me how to endure

You are the antidote to my problems

All my worries, you are the cure

Happy birthday

Birthday Poems for Mom:

Happy Birthday Mom
You are there where? am happy and sad
You are the guide , support and love
I am may not always say it
but u will always be loved

Mother you are beautiful 
Mother you are kind
Endearing thoughts
of love for u
are always on my mind
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday mom
When i was kid so small
I seek my brother
Whenever i was about to full
I shall never grow up
To my mother.
For whom i'm and shall always be
Mama's little babe.

Mom is such
A special word
The loveliest 
I've ever heard
A toast to you
Above all the rest
Mom you are special
You are 
the best

Happy Birthday Wishes for Boy Friend:

Hope Your
Specially day
brings you all that
your heart desires
Here's wishing you a day
full of pleasant surprises

someone who
understand your past,
believe in your future,
and accepts you just the way
you are-even if you are getting older

warn friendly, loving and kind...
you are a true Aquarian in every way
have a very

Happy birthday to the sweetest
person I know
it's you my best friend
with you life is so simple
There is nothing to pretend
Happy birthday to you

dear friend
may your
gifts be
Health love
and Happiness

Happy Birthday Best Friend
A little Crazy,
A lot Funny,
A little Nully,
A lot Brainy,
A little Tangy,
A lot Loving
That's my Best Friend,
Most Interestingly